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ATBB came together in early 2015 to record new arrangements by Jörg Achim Keller and existing arrangements by the featured composer: Oliver Nelson


THE BLUES AND THE ABSTRACT TRUTH, recorded February 1961, is a seminal jazz album by composer/saxophonist OLIVER NELSON.

After more than 50 years it still sounds fresh and vibrant with a totally unique approach to blues.


Jörg Achim Keller´s version of The Blues And The Abstract Truth was originally written for the German HR Radio Big Band (Frankfurt) and Vincent Herring in 2011.

It is a contemporary update, expanded for big band, using some of the soloistic highlights from the original recording as new material in the arrangements, along with Keller’s celebrated individual writing style which is itself steeped in the influence of Nelson. There is substantial solo room for the brilliant soloists, too.


The band was planned a year in anticipation to the recording to ensure the stellar “A”-team all had it in their diary. The album was recorded over two days at Abbey Road’s fabled Studio 2. The band played live all together in the same room, without headphones. The aesthetic was true old-school audiophile and the band absolutely fizzed its way through the tricky scoring. It was a joy to see such an experienced bunch with huge grins on their faces. You can definitely expect this in a live context!

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